Tips for Safer Driving - General

Tips for Safer Driving – When it Rains/Fogs




Check electrical outlets and lines to make sure they do not have any exposed line, or electrical faults

General Tips in the event of a Disaster

How do I safely buckle my kids?

Do's and Don'ts

Infants: Birth until at least 20 pounds AND at least 1 year old

Toddlers: Over 20 pounds AND over 1 year old; Up to 40 pounds

Young Children: Over 40 pounds; Up to at least age 8, unless 4'9"

Older Children: Over age 8 or 4'9"

(Once belt-positioning booster seat is outgrown)

Use a lap and shoulder seat belt.

Shoulder belt fits over the shoulder and across the chest.

Lap belt should fit low and tight on hips, NOT over stomach.

Shoulder belt should NEVER be placed under arms or behind back.

Commercial Property

Tips to Protect your Business from a Tropical Storm/Hurricane

Have your building/s inspected by a licensed professional to find out if your workplace is vulnerable to the various hazards which may affect the BVI, and request recommendations for retrofitting, if necessary.

Tips for Returning to a Damaged Building

Personal Property

Tips for Returning to a Damaged Home

What to do before a Hurricane


What to do When there is a Hurricane/Tropical Storm Warning

Tips for a Safer Boating Experience