Welcome to Caribbean Insurers Claims Dept.

You may hear people say that Caribbean Insurers Limited (”CIL”) is expensive! However, they always add, “but they do pay their claims!” Our long term philosophy has always been to help our clients when they have a claim, and we pride ourselves on our reputation for doing so.
Accidents happen. For most insureds it is the first time they have had a claim. Our job is to help them to submit the claim to us quickly, and then we arrange the settlement with the minimum of delay.

We at the CIL Claims Department are here to minimise the stress and hassle that is caused by these unexpected events. Our experienced claims representatives are here to serve you, from the reporting of your claim through to the settlement. We take pride in providing fast, efficient, and accurate claims service by settling most of our claims ‘locally’.
Remember, if you want good claims service – choose Caribbean Insurers Ltd!

Claims Services

Processing Claims

If you have a claim you would like to file with us, to help expedite your claim processing, please download and complete the applicable claim form below. If you have images you wish to include with your claim, please attach them to the same email with your form.

Wait? Before sending us your images...

Please make sure to shrink your images into smaller sizes before emailing them to us. Most smartphone camera or if you are using a digital compact camera, allow you to adjust the megapixle size of the captured image. What sizes we prefer?

  • Typically setting your camera to 3-5-megapixle will suffice
  • Preferably your images should be 1500 KB [1.5Mb] or less in file size
  • If you do not know how to shrink the images you've already captured, then restrict sending us no more than 10 images per email. This will help ensure your emails gets through to us as quickly as possible.

Email your claim forms and images to: claims@caribbins.com