Commercial Property Insurance

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At Caribbean Insurers Ltd. we provide our business owners with the professional guidance and advice that they need in selecting the right coverage for their business. Whether you own and operate a business on your own premises or leased premises, our comprehensive insurance programmes ensure that our customers have the protection that they need when the unexpected occurs.

We can provide All Risks coverage that covers property damage to your buildings and contents caused by perils which include fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, riot, civil commotion, hurricane, tropical storm, water damage, flood and theft.

Crashed Car

Business Interruption

In the aftermath of a loss, businesses suffer a severe reduction in sales whilst continuing to incur fixed expenses and increased costs of working. Our Business Interruption coverage provides coverage for loss of profits and/or additional expenses incurred due to the interruption of the business caused by direct physical loss or damage to the business premises by an insured peril.

Contractors All Risks

This product is designed to cover buildings under construction and the tools and equipment on the contract site against all risks of physical loss or damage. The Policy also provides coverage for the associated liability for the project.

General Liability

This vital product covers the legal liability of business owners to their customers, tradesmen and the like. Coverage can be provided for the smallest business to the largest hotels – with specifically tailored Hotel Liability programmes, including options for “Worldwide including USA & Canada” Jurisdiction.

Employers Liability

This Policy provides the business owner with protection against liability claims by employees arising in the course of their business activities.

Broken Glass


Our Crime Policy can provide coverage against the following:

Insuring Commercial Property

An appraisal of the property, excluding land is required to insure your property.

If you wish to insure with us, start today by downloading and completing our Commercial Property Insurance Form , and dropping it off at our office located in Road Town.