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Personal Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance essentially covers one against potential automobile loss, damage or injuries.

At Caribbean Insurers Ltd (CIL), we are in the business of accommodating all your driving insurance needs by means of providing you with the freedom of security, peace of mind and convenience. In the event of a mishap, our automobile insurance coverage will give you the guaranteed assurance that you, your passengers, pedestrians, the property of others, and your vehicle will be protected.

To support these benefits, we take pride in offering you an affordable auto insurance premium. When you buy automobile insurance from CIL, you are buying years of dedicated, dependable and the most efficient automobile insurance services in the BVI. We are confident to convey that, with an auto insurance policy at CIL you can rest assured that all your claims will be taken care of “locally” by one of our professional and efficient representatives who will respond to your claims promptly.

CIL is also pleased to provide you with the convenience of a reasonable payment schedule. To get started today, you can request a quote online, call one of our friendly representatives or visit our office located in Road Town.

Insuring a New Vehicle

If you are insuring a new vehicle, you can expedite the process now by downloading and completing our Auto Application Form PDF document below. To get the best rate, please ensure that you obtain a No Claims Letter from your prior insurer (if applicable).  To complete your auto insurance transaction, we will require the following completed documents:

Insuring a Used Vehicle

If you are insuring a used vehicle, you will need to complete the following documents.

Insuring a Company Vehicle

If you are insuring commercial fleet, you will need to complete the following documents.